Configuring a headless VNC server in Debian Linux 21 February 2021

This page sketches out a setup of a headless VNC service using TigerVNC and a systemd service file. The VNC server starts as system service as soon as the host VM or container starts.  Read more…

Unprivileged LXC container with libvirt 17 February 2021

Unprivileged containers with LXC and libvirt are a powerful combination, but the documentation on that subject is a bit difficult to find. I had to do quite a bit of reading and testing in order to get a working setup, so I wrote up the setup I came up with, for future reference. Related to this, see also the USB pass-through configuration.  Read more…

Using systemd-boot on Debian Bullseye 21 November 2020

The systemd-boot boot loader is a small UEFI boot loader. Read on if you don't need the features and complexity of a much more powerful boot loader such as grub. This article describes my setup for a Debian Bullseye system.  Read more…

Installing Debian over a serial console 23 April 2020

This article describes how to modify a Debian installation disk to to enable the serial console as the input/output device for an installation. This may be useful for platforms where it is impossible or impractical to attach a monitor to the system e.g. for remote installations or for installing a VM. Related is the post about the installation of a VM over a serial console.  Read more…

Pictures from Portugal 22 September 2019

Some pictures from Portugal.

Resizing an LVM disk 30 May 2019

This is a short article on how to resize an LVM disc. It took me some time to find the right incantations to resize a whole volume, so I wrote it down in case others and to my future self might find it useful.  Read more…

Pictures from Montenegro and Dubrovnik 17 September 2018

Some pictures from Montenegro and Dubrovnik.

Pictures from Wales 25 March 2018

Some pictures from Wales from summer last year.

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