About this site

In case you were wondering, the domain name p5r is a Numeronym:

echo pircher | bash -c 'read n; l=${#n}; echo ${n:0:1}$((l-2))${n:$((l-1)):1}'
echo pircher | awk '{ l=length($0); print substr($0, 1, 1) l-2 substr($0, l, 1) }'
echo pircher | python3 -c 'n=input(); print(f"{n[0]}{len(n[1:-1])}{n[-1]}")'

These pages are written in XML using Vim, validated with trang and xmllint, translated to HTML using xsltproc, checked with LinkChecker for dead links and uploaded to the server using rsync.

I try to keep the HTML and CSS standards compliant (and the site rendered fine in text mode browsers, last time I checked). Nevertheless, they may be not be displayed correctly with some older browsers. Sorry for that.

The material featured on this site is, unless otherwise stated, copyright by Thomas Pircher and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Pictures from this web site may not be used without an explicit permission from the author.

About me

I studied at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, where I studied Engineering (computer science). From 2004 to 2006, I worked as an Embedded Software Engineer at Sadel S.p.A. in Bologna. Then I joined NemeriX Ltd. to work on GPS firmware in both their sites in Manno, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK. From 2008 until 2010 I worked for Cambridge Mechatronics on the firmware for miniature auto-focus actuators. In 2010 I joined CSR to work on WiFi Firmware, and was later transferred to Samsung LSI together with the rest of my team. Since July 2014 I'm employed by Cambridge Consultants, working in the Wireless division on a variety of projects (predominantly embedded and telecommunications).

I'm particularly interested in the fields of Embedded Software, Automation and Control, UNIX, Networking and occasionally I try to make digital photos.


You can send me a mail at <thp.web@p5r.uk>; (junk mail is happily accepted to train my spam filter). If you want to send encrypted Mails, then you can download my gpg public key here. (Fingerprint 2365 7221 799D D83C D20C A9C1 C690 67EE DD9D B57B).