I hope the projects and information snippets on this website are useful. Occasionally people send me a mail asking for a way how they can reciprocate. I don't take money, but I very much appreciate other forms of feedback. This page should give you a few ideas.


Let me know if you like (or not) my software and write me a note to <thp.web@p5r.uk>. If some of the code or information is useful to you, let other people know and mention it in your blog, tweet or pub. :-)

If you happen to like a program I wrote (pycrc comes to mind), then rate it or write a review on sourceforge.net or star it on GitHub.

I am really grateful for error reports and suggestions for improvements. Software patches are also very welcome.

In short, drop a note, spread the word, write some feedback.

Other ways

I like to read and I'm very happy for small parcels with a book inside. My current wish list: